There is a ballot going around in Millington titled Citizens for a Better Government (CFABG) paid for by Citizens for a Better Millington (CFABM).  I find it strange after all these years in Millington an PAC out of Memphis is interested in who is elected as Mayor and on the Board of Aldermen in Millington.

Citizens for a Better Millington DID NOT PAY for the ballot that is being circulated from CFABG the PAC out of Memphis.  CFABM is a Facebook page that use to be administered and founded by candidate for Alderman Position 4 Sherrie Hopper until she turned the administration over to Ross Landrum.  She turned it over because she was no longer administrating it to focus more on her radio show a platform that was bigger to fight for First Responders, and citizens against MLGW push to put smart meters on every home in Shelby County.  The new administrator of CFABM endorsement IS NOT THE SAME as the ballots circulating around Millington by CFABG the PAC out of Memphis.   The million dollar question is WHY is a PAC out of Memphis is interested in little ole Millington?


Living in Millington ballot that are personally handed to the people who requested them were all gone the first day of early voting and Citizens for a Better Millington ballot is listed on their Facebook page.  This site (LIM) and (CFABM) ballots are in agreement with the endorsements of our ballots with the exception of two races, one alderman position and one school board position.  Regardless of our differences in two of the race this site is fine with the outcome of the election no matter who wins.  This site and CFABM both endorsed Sherrie Hopper for the Alderman Position 4 seat and CFABG the PAC out of Memphis DID NOT that was an INSTEAD RED FLAG because the PAC out of Memphis clearly have on their ballot that the ballot was paid for by CFABM.

Could this Memphis PAC be trying to influence this year election against Sherrie Hopper candidate for Aldermen Position 4 because she has been a strong opponent of MLGW wanting to install smart meters on homes and businesses?


If you had not received a post card from MLGW about installing a smart meter on your home here in Millington 30 days after receipt of the card unless you call to opt out you will.  I received one a week ago and had to wait over two hours after being told I am caller number eight for a customer service representative to take less than 30 seconds to tell me she will mail me an opt out letter (front of letter) (back of letter).  Oh, I forgot to say that was day 2 of me trying to contact MLGW to tell them I DO NOT WANT A SMART METER ON MY HOME.

The Mayor and Board of Aldermen had a discussion about the smart meters during a special called meeting August 12, 2013 and at that time THEY ALL WERE AGAINST THE SMART METERS coming into Millington, but nothing ever happened after the discussion.  To be honest I forgot all about the smart meters until I received a post card on October 27, 2016 letting me know there contractors will be installing a smart meter on my home within thirty days if I did not opt out.  However, Sherrie Hopper candidate for Alderman Position 4 had not forgotten about the smart meters.  She has been fighting for us from the time MLGW start working its way through the Memphis City Council to get approval to install smart meters.  If you had not voted early I strongly encourage you to VOTE FOR SHERRIE HOPPER TO BE AN ALDERWOMAN here in Millington because as an elected official MLGW and the City Council of Memphis will have someone that will be OUR VOICE IN MILLINGTON against smart meters.  I honestly believe the PAC out of Memphis is trying to influence who is elected here in Millington and they are afraid Sherrie Hopper will be elected.

Some of you who read this post might think this cannot be possible, however, when it comes to someone standing up against a large corporation for the biggest contract in their history you can bet your ass they will do anything to keep that person from becoming an elected official who can cause trouble for them.  There are only two Memphis Council members that are against the smart meters and it is a strong possibility MLGW will get their way in accessing customers who opt out having a smart meter fees and MLGW will take their time getting to you there is an outage in your area.  Their letter is basically extortion.  Their also should not be legal and should not be going out because they have dollars figures that are subject to change customers will be charged for opting out of having a smart meter.

Finally, so I can end this post.  I honestly believe the smart meters are not compatible to older homes and can cause electrical fires. How can this new technology work with wiring that been in homes for 30 years or more without causing some kind of hazard.  Each time I here of a fire in Memphis I always wonder if that house had a smart meter on it because there had been too many fires in Memphis lately and the reason had always been because of electrical wiring.  The public deserve to know more!  Eventually insurance companies are not going to insure homeowner with smart meters…read this here.  The following YouTube video is an interview of Councilwoman  Janis Fullilove an opponent of the smart meters and what she had to say at the 1 hour and 20 minute mark (fast forward the video to that point) is very interesting and I am valid in feeling the way I do about the smart meters.




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