I would not change one minute of caring for my father as he withered and died before my eyes.  To watch a person transition from life to death is life changing.  During my month away the political illegalities, back room deals and back stabbings are still rampant and it is NOT FOR ME TO CORRECT.   I did some soul searching and came to the conclusion it is time to focus my enery on positive endeavors.   I had hoped the new elected leadership and new city attorney in Millington would put a STOP to what is going on in Millington.   That was wishful thinking because the new leadership is no different than past leadership.

Millington always been the red headed stepchild in Shelby County and until we get REAL LEADERSHIP Millington will remain the red headed stepchild.    There is so much wrong with this city and our elected leaders and city attorney knows it, but they choose to continue the problems by turning a blind eye, having backroom attorney/client meetings,  sweeping the problems under the rug and/or covering it up.

Millington could have been the diamond in the rough; however, it is dying a slow death.  Maybe one day I will see Millington become the city it can become or maybe I will witness the City of Millington die completely.   I no longer see Millington as the diamond in the rough because of ALL THE CONTINUED DECEPTION that comes out of City Hall and the leaders of this City continuing to allow it  KNOWING IT IS WRONG…all in the name of not wanting this City to look bad.  Newsflash…MILLINGTON  ALREADY LOOKS BAD TO OTHERS LIVING OUTSIDE OF MILLINGTON.

I will continue to go to the meetings and speak on issues if that is what I choose.  However, I will no longer blog about the meetings.  I have decided to focus my energy on helping the homeless, seniors, volunteering/working with the organizations that I am passionate about, enjoy my husband now that he is retiring,  my children and grandchildren.




2 Responses to Time To Move On!

  1. Elizabeth Gallup says:

    My sincere condolences on the loss of your father. How wonderful that you were able to spend his last days with him.
    I respect your decision to discontinue your blog but will miss your input.
    I will continue to attend the meetings for school and mayor and aldermen. I continue to have hope for our city. I pray that you will find some, too.

    • DLS says:

      Elizabeth, thank you for your condolences and I look forward to seeing you at the meetings because I plan continue to come to the Meetings. My father’s death took a toll on me and to continue this blog takes too much of my time. I am tired and my multiple sclerosis took a turn for the worse during the stress of caring for my Dad until his death. However, the time I spent with my Dad was priceless.

      Although, I will not be blogging about the meetings in Millington that does not mean I will not address the board anymore on key issues when it comes to our tax dollars and possible future developments in the city. I also have hope people like you and others who live in this city will eventually seek elected seats in the future that will make a difference in Millington.

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