On the advice of my attorney, my truth during the selection of Millington School Superintendent will have to wait because of the local candidate and Terry Roland plans to sue people…once again Roland injected himself in the City of Millington business.  RuhrohMillington and his friends who gained up on this site trying to insinuate I had something to do with the process are going to be highly disappointed that I did nothing wrong when the truth comes out.   

However, I am going to speak my truth about the City of Millington Bully!

Millington’s representative on the Shelby County Board of Commissioners Position 1 Terry Roland says he represents the PEOPLE; however, he does not represent the PEOPLE who disagree with him.    When is ENOUGH is ENOUGH of watching Roland’s BULLY mentality with his fellow Commissioners and with others who disagrees with him. 

It is time for the leaders in this community to put a STOP to Roland’s outbursts and behavior when he comes to a City of Millington meeting. Terry Roland IS NOT a resident of Millington.  However, he interjects himself in Millington’s City business ALL THE TIME.    He did it before he was a Commissioner and he is worst now that he has been elected to the Shelby County Board of Commissioners.  What makes Roland think he is the sole person who knows what is best for Millington?  Roland thinks it is okay to tell leaders in this community he will use his seat on the Shelby County Commission Board to hurt Millington when they do not give him his way.  He thinks it is okay to harass citizens by calling them on the phone using foul language because they did not agree with his agenda.   He thinks it is okay to be disrespectful to a well-respected senior citizen because she did not agree with his agenda.  He thinks it is okay to call someone a self-reflected racial derogatory name when race was NEVER a factor.

Story after story about Roland since he has been elected to sit on the Shelby County Board of Commissioner Position 1 has been negative. 

Here is one xample:  CA article – Shelby County Commissioner Terry Roland Threatens To Hit Board Member; Police Called 

Both Taylor and Shafer criticized their fellow Republican for his antics.

“It seems to be a pattern, and I understand that Terry is passionate about his position,” Taylor said. “I don’t fault him for that. What’s unfortunate is that Terry continues to try and get his point across by intimidating and personal attacks.”

Added Shafer: “It makes for a hostile working environment. I’ve never had a job where if someone doesn’t like what you say, they threaten to beat you up.”


This  December 22, 2013 Informed Sources segment accurately describes Terry Roland.  (click link to view video)


Terry Roland is a BULLY!   If and when the County moves to strengthen the Ethic Rules they need to include a clause to protect the community and people against Commissioners who bully the community and citizens they represent. 

One way to deal with a bully is to stand up to a bully!  I know for a fact there are many people in Millington, Woodstock and Shelby Forest who no longer support Terry Roland being there representative on the Shelby County Board of Commissioners.  Most importantly registered Democrats willing and ready to vote in the Republican primary to cast a vote against Roland.  If you are one of those people follow my lead and encourage Dennis Daughtery to file his petition to challenge Roland for the Shelby County Board of Commissioner Position 1.  




Four more years … of what…Roland’s Ignorance!

The same stupidity people been witnessing is what will continue to happen on the Shelby County Board of Commission with Roland maintaining his seat.

I am sure in Roland’s world he thinks because he had no primary candidate it is a mandate, but in reality he is back in by default!  Regardless, it is a pleasure knowing this will be the last four years seeing Roland sit on the Shelby County Board of Commissioners because of term limits. 






One Response to Millington When Is Enough Is Enough For YOU

  1. DLS says:

    As I said in my post, the way to stop a bully is to stand up to a bully! Yes it is true I filed an ethics complaint against Roland. Roland is telling anyone who would listen to him my complaint was dismissed and I will have to pay $50.00. A person can be charged $50.00 if their complaint is frivolous. However, my complaint was/is not frivolous. I do not know where Roland received his information that I will have to pay $50.00, but according to the letter I received by the County Ethic Officer, my complaint was forward to the District Attorney Office.

    The following link is the letter I received from the Ethic Officer: https://db.tt/Y4mEsCIl

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