Since I put up a post titled Superintendent Deliberations supporters for the local candidate came to this site like roaches with personal attacks, false accusations and demands.  You all been asking for and IT WILL NOT be long before  I post MY TRUTH during the interview and selection of the Millington’s School Superintendent is about to be posted on this blog.  As I said, everything that happens in the dark comes out in the light in due time.  I was NOT GOING TO BE HARASSED OR BULLIED after the interview and selection of the Millington’s School Superintendent.  Therefore, I did something about it!  RuhRohMillington you and your friends’ comments had been restored.  My purpose of removing them was to SHOW AND PROVE TO YOU RuhRohMillington THIS IS MY SITE!  I DO IT MY WAY, on MY OWN TERMS and IN MY OWN TIMING.

I HAVE NOTHING TO BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR AND I HAVE THICK SKIN!  I dealt with bigger fishes than you can ever imagine in my life time!  ALL COMMENTS will be held to prevent the use of a  pseudonym.

If you, your friends or anyone else want to have their say to me after I post my TRUTH since December 16, 2013 you are going to have to REVEAL YOUR IDENTITY!  I am not hiding who and I am not going to ALLOW you all to continue to hide your identities on this site.   It was never about how many comments I received on this site and it never bothered me if people commented or not.  I continue to blog what happens at CITY  PUBLIC MEETINGS I attend  because there are regular readers of this site since its creation in 2010.   However, every time there is a HOT BUTTON ISSUE some people decide to comment hiding behind an alias….NO MORE!   

TRUST ME my TRUTH is nothing, but the TRUTH and I am NOT GOING to HOLD BACK ON MY OPINION about it ALL!


One Response to COMING VERY SOON…

  1. Charles P. Reed says:

    DAMN!!! I LOVE IT!!!
    OK all ya’ll anonymous folks out there, this puts a whole new “light” on the your comments! The question is, “Do you have the conviction in your comments to claim ownership by putting your name on them?” NO!

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