Posted on: January 23, 2014

Arlington announces continuation of employment for Mr. Ed Haley

Mayor Mike Wissman and The Board of Alderman would like to announce the continuation of employment for Mr. Ed Haley, Town Superintendent. After careful consideration, Mr. Haley has decided to reject the offer of employment from the City of Millington and fulfill the remainder of his contract with the Town of Arlington. We feel Mr. Haley has led the Town in the path that is best for the citizens, their safety and well-being. Arlington has become a proud community of hardworking, caring families and he will continue to lead with a passion for Arlington. Join us as we welcome him to stay for the betterment of Arlington.

You cannot blame the City of Arlington NOT WANTING to lose Mr. Haley and Mr. Haley for staying! 

Posted on: January 23, 2014



MILLINGTON, TENNESSEE (January 23, 2014) – The City of Millington will resume the search for a City Manager. After much thought and consideration, Mr. Ed Haley has rescinded his acceptance of the position as Millington City Manager. “While we are saddened to hear of Mr. Haley’s decision, we respect his decision and wish him and the Town of Arlington all the best,” said Interim City Manager Michael Chesney and Millington Mayor Terry Jones. The City of Millington will continue the search process with other qualified candidates.





15 Responses to Haley Decides To Stay in Arlington…Millington Continues Search for City Manager

  1. RutRohMillington says:

    Let the line to the trough begin. I find it very, very interesting that one of these folks who served on the transition committee, who solicited himself for a job in the Millington Municipal School system is named “interim CFO.” This is the same “good ole boy” who the “local candidate” said he would not hire, the same “good ole boy” who spoke AGAINST having our own school system, the same “good ole boy” who no longer works for the city of Millington after submitting an inaccurate school budget the first time around, the same “good ole boy” that I would definitely question his credentials for this job. Does he have a CPA license?
    Hey Charlie Reed, is THIS the start of the line where the trough gets sucked dry by the same folks who have proven they can’t even run the city, much less a school system? Wait, was there an interview process? Was the job posted? Did we look for diversity in thought and demographic? Did we open this position for qualified applicants? Wait, the new Superintendent has been here two days and already knows this guy well enough to hire him to CONTROL our schools’ money! I’m sure there had to have been phone calls over the last several weeks to orchestrate this move.
    Wait… The “local candidate” might have been smarter than the average guy and now that Ed Haley backed out, it looks like the “local candidate” might have uncovered the truth. DLS… What’s your take? Where is the injustice in this process? Do you believe in taking on the real issues or just those that the Mayor asks you to.

    It is a shame. Just really sad.

    • DLS says:


      Let me make myself clear! I AM MY OWN PERSON I AM NOT LEAD BY OTHERS! The school is your issue. You appear to be obsessed with the school issue. However, I agree with your statement about good ole boys because there are plenty of them in Millington. Finally, I am not going to change what I post or my blog because of your demands. Once again, you are entitled to your opinion.

      • RutRohMillington says:

        DLS… I would never ask you to change what you put on here… I only asked your response to this… The Schools is not my issue. It is the corruption going on in Millington and a “little birdie” told me that you have also caught wind of it and know what has transpired as well. I know you are not pleased with the recent events that have taken place, so the point of my question is what is your take on it?
        The reason Ed Haley is not coming to Millington is much, much bigger than the Schools issue DLS. You and I both know that.

        • DLS says:


          What is done in the dark always comes out in the light in due time…

          • RutRohMillington says:

            I think that might be the first time you and I will agree on something…

          • Unknown says:

            I like sayings too.

            Pay the devil his due

            Loose lips sink ships

            Reap what you sow

            Might want to inform the co- conspirators of this. Just saying.

            • RutRohMillington says:

              I find it just peculiar that you aren’t informing the citizens of what is taking place. Before, you were so eager and happy to be the voice of injustice and exposing Millington politics for now.
              Now you have resulted to press releases.

              • DLS says:


                You been ALLOWED to comment…Feel free to discuss what YOU consider relevant issues. However, I will NOT ALLOW you or anyone else to continue to personally attack me on MY blog using an aliases.

  2. Millington girl says:

    I believe Mr. Haley probably found out a lot of what is soon to be uncovered about our city leader and what has been going on and made a very smart choice on his part, you can not blame him. That’s too bad because he is a strong advocate for schools and giving schools control of their money. It was a loss for our town.

  3. DLS says:


    Let me make myself clear! I AM MY OWN PERSON I AM NOT LEAD BY OTHERS! The school is your issue. You appear to be obsessed with the school issue. I am not going to change what I post on my blog because of your demands. However, I agree with your statement good ole boys because there are plenty of them in Millington. Finally, I am not change what I post on my blog because of your demands. Once again, you are entitled to your opinion.

  4. oldmillington says:

    Am I missing something? Has the Millington School Board hired people for postions other than the Superintendent?

    • DLS says:


      I am only aware of an Interim CFO position was given to Bruce Rassmussen. To be honest I did not see that coming. You been reading this site for long time and you know I will discuss issues of interest on my own terms not others.

  5. RutRohMillington says:

    Well I think everyone that knows Millington politics saw this coming. There seems to be one of your blogs from a while back about Mr. Rasmussen that portrays him as an Octopus.
    What Charlie Reed and you were thinking the “local candidate” was up to was the farthest from the truth. In all actuality, he was trying to prevent this VERY thing from happening and had this EXACT conversation with people before the process was complete. Perhaps that might be why the Mayor and Police Department went to such great lengths to make sure he wasn’t hired.
    My problem is not just with the schools DLS, it’s with the corruption and back room deals that have gone on for years with our current mayor. Ask yourself one question, how did Bruce Rasmussen get hired two days after Dr. Roper’s arrival? Don’t you think a back room deal was already in the works to keep the “local candidate” out and bring in Dr. Roper under conditions that he hire “good ole boys”? There had to have been phone calls prior to Dr. Rooer’s arrival. Now you heard it here first so you you can’t say you didn’t see this coming, “Where will Rom Williams land”? He was the other person soliciting himself for a job…
    These things that are done in the dark shall soon come to light in due time.
    Also, I’m not personally attacking you. I’m holding you accountable for your own words in the same blogs that you publish as yours.

  6. DLS says:


    You were ALLOWED to say what you wanted to the readers of this blog. As I said, YOU do not demand me to talk about what YOU want. You and the new commenters using aliases and new commenters since the hiring of the Superintendent are now blocked and all prior comments are deleted, but still available. You had a forum to the readers of this site to say what YOU wanted…NOT WHAT YOU WANTED ME TO DISCUSS! Thanks to you and the suggestion of a commenter from a previous post. No new commenters will be APPROVED without revealing their real identity! Technology from when I first started this site changed a lot over the years…YOU ARE NOT AS ANNOYMOUS as you think you are i.e. Do you really think using mobile devices instead of a computer keeps you ANNOYMOUS to the administrator of THIS BLOG! Use your own social website or create your own blog and talk about whatever you want!

  7. DLS says:


    The comments had been deleted to prove a point to RuhrohMillington and his supporters that I control this site and they were NOT going to push me to talk about what they wanted. However, every last one of their comments had been restored. It is obvious as you read through the comment thread and I explained it all in my Coming Very Soon post.

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