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Interim City Manager, Mike Chesney, was correct in how we should THANK our Public Works employees for the outstanding job they did during the Poplar Vortex that blanket the United States last week.  I not only want to THANK them, I like to publicly THANK ALL of the City of Millington employees who are required to brave the cold and heat…PUBLIC WORKS, POLICE AND FIRE DEPARTMENTS.

Regardless of what I or anyone else say about the City of Millington, WE CANNOT deny we have some very dedicated workers.  I am optimistic the day will come when this City will thrive financially to competitively compensate the previous mentioned departments for the work they do in this City.  CONGRATULATIONS and WELCOME Mr. Ed Haley as Millington’s new City Manager.  At least I know I have one thing in common with you :-)  If more of us can live our life by your statement at the BMA meeting,  QUOTE:  First of all my philosophy every day is to ask my Lord and Savior for my guidance in what I am going to do that day and he directs me”.   UNQUOTE:  This world would be a better place.

Arlington thrived under your guidance and leadership and I cannot wait to see what you will do for the City of Millington during your tenure as City Manager.

GOOD LUCK Mr. Haley!


There will be a reception for Millington’s School Superintendent at Millington High School on January 23, 2014 beginning at 6:00 p.m.  Everyone parents with or without children are encouraged to come out and meet Dr. Roper.


Every Saturday tutoring is offered at Millington Middle School


5 Responses to New City Manager January 13, 2014 BMA Meeting

  1. Charles P. Reed says:

    To Unknown,
    On December 20, 2013 you left the comment, “Oh do tell who is already lined up at the trough….” which was made in response to my comment about individuals who want positions with the new Millington School Board. The trough to which I refer is the $18 million dollar annual school budget. Last Thursday night, January 13, 2014 at the Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting, Mr. Greg Ritter said that he has already received two unsolicited applications for the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) position with the MSB. Mr. Ritter did not divulge their names.

    • Unknown says:

      Haha! Why answer the question a month later? So you can try to add some credibility to you and your post? A complete difference now that a “outsider”, your word, was hired. Your previous comment was based on hiring a local superintendent and people he knew lining up to the 18 million dollar buffet.

      Mr. Ritter can’t hire anyone and besides both of those two can’t be hire for the same job.

      Nice try though, personally I will never believe anything you say, sir. You seem like a man scorned because he can’t seem to win any election he runs for in Millington and want to stick your nose where it doesn’t belong.

      • Doug says:

        I am not sure what this conversation is about. I have my ideas.
        I will say this I know Charlie. He is a good man. Someone on another post commented that it is easy to attack folks when on line when using a code name. This is true. It is time to stop all of it. Move forward for our schools and community. We should all support our Children and Town.

  2. RutRohMillington says:

    Has anyone ever considered that these folks lining up at the “18 million dollar trough” are the same folks who have been recycled through Millington government and similar civic positions for a long time? How can we argue the same conversation that was supposedly on the “local candidate’s” agenda, but now with the outside Superintendent you, Charlie Reed, wanted? Could there also be a possibility that the reason Mayor Jones did not want the local candidate to win was because he actually told folks he WOULD NOT hire those same people that now Charlie refers to? Have you ever given considered that? Opening up jobs to folks who are qualified and can bring diversity in thinking is what Millington needs right? Have you ever thought that the “local candidate” might have wanted to bring in diverse support staff that would have been good for the demographics of this city? No… We want to just go back to the “18 million dollar trough” theory. I’d definitely be interested to know if all 18 million dollars is still there.

  3. RutRohMillington says:

    It is ironic that those two people who approached Mr. Ritter about jobs in the new school system are the ones (they served on the transition committee)that you Charlie Reed, said are lining up at the $18 million dollar trough. They are also EXACTLY who the “local candidate” said he WOULD NOT hire. Ironic to think this concerted effort to not hire the “local candidate was actually counter productive and opposed what you guys said you wanted to stop from happening. Talk about “good ole boys” now.

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