I want to address BOE member Childress expression of his opinion about my website, which is his right to do.  I respectfully disagree with his opinion.  In order for something to be defamatory it has to be untrue and there was nothing untrue about the statements I made.  I am entitled to my opinions and my opinions were based upon observation of the meetings I attended and information gathered.  The following videos are of what transpired after the interviews of the candidates.  The title on the videos are self-explanatory.  Dr. David Roper was selected as Millington Municipal School District Superintendent.



19 Responses to Millington Selects Their Superintendent

  1. Unknown says:

    Your statement about Haley was untrue.

    • DLS says:

      If you read what I wrote, you will see my statement was based upon Bobby Percer statement made at PAMS meeting. I am glad to know that Mr. Percer statement about “A Haley” was not true. CJ Haley restored my confidence in the Board of Education to make the best decision for our children; not withstanding lifelong local pressure. I respect her for voting her conviction like everyone else voted their convictions.

  2. Unknown says:

    No matter what you based your statement on, it was made about Haley and her being local. Well, it is untrue.

    Percer’s statement is his statement. The assumption is where you went wrong.

    Maybe you should talk to the people personally before assuming. We all know what happens when we assume things and start stating them as facts.

    • DLS says:

      Per your comment “The assumption is where you went wrong.” Your statement there is your opinion and your assumption and you are entitled to it.

  3. DLS says:

    If anyone else feels the need to address me you are more than welcome. If you are a first time commenter your comment will not appear until I return. If you commented on this site before your comment should automatically appear. Finally, I encourage the people who are newly commenting to read my term of use for this blog.

    Now! I am about to enjoy the Holidays I hope you all have a Blessed Christmas and New Year.

  4. oldmillington says:

    DLS, I hope you and your family have a safe, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! You have brought a long overdue website based on the City of Millington and the day to day operations. You have shown a lot of interest in Millington and truly care about making this city the best it can be.

  5. Charles P. Reed says:

    I, like oldmillington, would like to take this opportunity to wish DLS and her family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! I would also like everyone to remember what Mr. Bobbie Percer said last week before the interviews started, “No matter who the new superintendent will be, we all need to get behind him and support him 100%!” WELL SAID!


    • DLS says:


      I miss you all in the MS blogsphere :-)

      Lord knows I have some MS stories, but I been too busy locally. As long as I am able, I will try to keep on in 2014. Unfortunately, big storms are brewing. I leave the National politicians to the others, but I am still doing my part there too. Happy New Year!

  7. RutRohMillington says:

    I think it is interesting you are now mentioning big storms are brewing since you have made mentions and given hints that they have been brewing throughout this entire process. I will be very interested to see how “vocal” and “appalled” you and CPR are about “good ole boys” and the local politicians in the next few weeks when these big storms get here. By the way, congratulations on your new position on the Personnel Appeals Committee and CPR’s new position on the Industrial Development Board. Now those were very intriguing and timely appointments.

  8. Millington girl says:

    Yes, storms are brewing and you have a lot to answer for don’t you?

    • DLS says:

      Millington Girl,

      You are a good person do not allow yourself to get dragged into what is happening here in Millington. As a RESIDENT in Millington my ONLY interest was for the BEST qualified person be hired and NOTHING more. I have NOTHING to answer for regardless of what you are being told, now I cannot say that about other people!

      • RutRohMillington says:

        Well there is the statement that you posted on your own blog that stated, “Why can’t Board Member Carroll find something negative on the LOCAL candidate when I could”? I think what she’s alluding to is that you’ll have to answer for HOW you found it and WHO gave it to you. You should substitute “crimes were committed” for “storms are brewing.”

        • DLS says:


          Trust me or not…I do not have to answer for anything. Giving my viewpoint on my site is not a crime. If a crime was committed, it was not committed by me. If a crime was committed it should be investigated and prosecuted according to the law; instead of people spreading untruths and people being led by untruths.

  9. RutRohMillington says:

    I thought you welcomed any and all comments DLS. You have repeatedly stated that you want people to read and comment on your site. Do their comments have to fit into your version of the truth?

    • DLS says:


      If you were a regular to this site, you would know I do not get on this site every day to check for new comments. No. I do not expect comments to fit my version of truth. The Personnel Appeals Board is not my first appointment to a Board here in Millington, but thank you.

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