The working relationship between the City Manager and Board of Mayor and Aldermen (BMA) is in gridlock.  If you want to know what happened view the videos to form your own opinion about the working relationship between the City Manager and BMA…Special Called Meeting Agenda  Resolution 11-2013 – Appoint City Attorney FAILED due to no 1rst or 2nd motion. Video 5 will show a vote was eventually taken and it failed by 4 votes…Alderwoman Huffman, Aldermen Hawkins, Dakin and McGhee voting against the hiring of Mr. Perkins for interim City Attorney.   A motion was made by Alderwoman Huffman to advertise for letter of intent and not a bid for a City Attorney the motion passed by 5 votes…Alderwoman Huffman, Aldermen Hawkins, Dakin, Dagen and McGhee. Perception is everything and the videos does not lie! Is the City of Millington without legal representation? Is Barbara Lapides legally representing the City of Millington until the BMA get their act together as to who will be the City Attorney for the City of Millington? GET IT TOGETHER PEOPLE!

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V


4 Responses to February 11 Special Called Meeting

  1. Doug says:

    Wow. I will only comment one video at the time. They are both right Mr. Christie is right that it should be open with no candidate sitting in the audience. Mayor Jones is right about Ms Lapedies she helped to mis-lead us as citizens over the past year. It is sometimes hard to handle change give it time. We should not call names however.

  2. Doug says:

    Ok , What is wrong with a younger attorney with no ties? I have always believed that it is not where you start but where you finish. Interim is Interim. How did he know about suits we do not know about? Just questions for thought.

  3. city resident says:

    DLS, Thank you very much for the videos. I applaud your efforts in bringing to the web site the words direct from those who work for us.

    I have no problem with age on an attorney representing us as long as he/she has experience and gives a good clear legal advise.

    I will have to give it to CM Christie, he certainly minces no words. It remains to be seen how he truly does his job in the best interest of the city of Millington. His points in the first video have merit. It might be a wakeup call to the BMA to not fall into any crony habits. I am glad Richard Hodges was there and made his comments on the, maybe unintended perception on back room deals. In my opinion if there was any expoitive back room deals it was with Carter’s reign.

    DSL by the way I am so sorry for your loss. Your brother will be missed I am sure. And in light of your recent loss of your brother I especially appreciate your time and effort to keep this blog going.

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