I have not decided how I am going to approach what happened at the Board of Mayor and Aldermen (BMA) meeting last night because egos were in play and there was no control of the meeting..   Until then, I had many requests to put the salaries of the employees on this site since August.  I finally acquired the requested information.   Click here to view the salaries of all the full-time city employees.  I will post what happened at the meeting later today.


The meeting began with the banker for Shelby County, Trustee David Lenior, appearing before the BMA with a mid-year tax update presentation.  Continuing with the agenda the consultants for the Veterans Parkway Corridor Study did a VP Corridor status presentation to the BMA, followed by the City Manager’s report that can be seen in the following video.  This viedo is some of the questions asked of the City Manager by the BMA.  In the future, I promise to keep the video rolling after the City Manager gives his report.

With the change of format the public had the opportunity to speak on general and agenda items prior to the BMA voting on items that appears in the agenda.  Mr. Moore was the first to speak about an issue he was having with the City, (I will come back to this at the end of this post).  I stated how I felt about the BMA considering overriding Mayor Jones veto in this previous post.  However, saying how I feel on this site is not the same as stating it for the record at a BMA meeting.  That is why I spoke up at the BMA meeting along with two other residents.   By the sound of the applause after I made my statement,   I was obviously was not alone in my statement
before the Board not to override Mayor Jones veto.

Item 10 – Ordinance 2013-1 removal from City Boards or commissions was tabled

Item 11- Resolution 7-2013 appointment of Alderman to Planning Commission…Mayor Jones nominated Alderman Mike Carruthers and the board approved.

Item 12- Resolution 8-2013 Acceptance of Quit Claim Deed to Cooper Creek Drive from Crosscreek-Millingon, LLC passed by unanimous vote.

Item 13 – Resolution 9-2013 Reconsideration of Resolution 6-2013 Approval to Affirm Board has no intent to amend or revise the Charter in a way that would diminish the role and/or authority of the City Manager…FAILED because of no first or second motion.

Item 14 – Resolution 10-2013 appoint Barbara Lapides as City Attorney –Temporary Term …FAILED because of no first or second motion.

Skipping to Item 19 on the agenda to reschedule regular March BMA meeting (TML Conference Nashville) The regular March BMA meeting is Tuesday March 5, 2013.

Item 20 Consideration of appointing Board member as Vice Mayor…I have a video of what happened during the appointment of a Vice Mayor… IT IS TOO EMBARRASSING TO THE ALDERMEN AND OUR CITY and for that reason I am not putting it up on this site.   However, I do have something to say about what happened during this time.  There are only two people on the Board that should have been CONSIDERED to be Vice Mayor for this year and the next because the other five are freshman Aldermen and they are in the learning stage.  Also, the worst thing an Alderman can say publicly is, “We all have jobs and are too busy.”  If that is the case for any Aldermen on the Board, that they have busy lives and do not have the time to diligently lead this City then they should step down now.  There is more to the job of an Alderman than attending regular and special call meetings to cast a vote.  To sum up the carnival atmosphere of appointing a Vice Mayor, Alderman Chris Ford is Millington’s first Vice Mayor.

Now back to when Mr. Moore addressed the Board during general comments.  He had a legitimate complaint and it should have been dealt with during that time by scheduling a meeting with him, the City Manager, City Engineer, Mayor and whoever else they felt needed to be in attendance.  Instead his issue got out of control during this entire BMA meeting.  Serious allegations were made and in my opinion the City Manager and Engineer should have not have been condescending when they were engaging Mr. Moore which made the situation worse.  Hopefully, Mayor Jones will take control of the BMA meetings the next time an incident like the one with Mr. Moore ever happens again during a BMA meeting.

Our new form of government is a forced marriage between the City Manager and the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.  One way or another they all have to learn how
to co-exist and make this arrange marriage work.   The election is over!   Terry Jones won it is time for people to get over it and stop fearing the rumors of a grab for power by Mayor Jones.   I hear the same rumors, what is done is done.  We have a new charter, a re-elected Mayor and a majority new Board.   Mayor Jones CANNOT DO ANYTHING without the majority support of the Board.  The Mayor position deserves RESPECT regardless of who it is, you do not have to like the person, but you should respect the position.  Demoralizing the significance of an elected Mayor and praising the position of a City Manager IS NOT going to move us forward.   It is
time our elected officials show that they are working at this marriage or  this arrange marriage can end in a divorce and the petitioner for divorce will be the citizens.

Finally, there is a Special Called Meeting Monday, February 11 at 6:00pm and a BMA work session immediately follow the Called Meeting.





8 Responses to February 4 Board of Mayor and Aldermen Meeting

  1. Doug says:

    Well Said we must move forward.

  2. doug says:

    It has been one month of them getting a chance to work together and we know they are learning with the changes that were rushed upon us a year ago. Haste is not the answer this is one of the reasons that we voted for a new board. My advice is take the time to make good decisions. It will work out. Seems like that did the right thing and listened on items 13 and 14.

  3. DLS says:


    I agree. Also, I believe this Board can move Millington forward once they come into their own and become comfortable in their elected role. Mr. Moore was before the BMA last month with the same issue. Alderman Hawkins was impressive when he displayed that he did some research on Mr. Moore issue. If BMA, City Manager and City Engineer had their listening ears on when Alderman Hawkins read the Ordinance from a meeting in 2010, Mr. Moore issue would had never became an out of control carnival like atmosphere. The Ordinance he read from did not have a timeframe nor was there another Ordinance or Resolution presented to amend the Ordinance Alderman Hawkins read from.

  4. Guess Who? says:

    Resolution 9-2013 failed because there was no motion made to open it. Resolution 9-2013 and Resolution 10-2013 both failed because obviosly there was no interest. If there had someone on the board who was interested in discussing them then they would have made the necessary motion. Ya think!

    • Doug says:

      Is that not the point. I agree.

      • Doug says:

        My point is people spoke (citizens ) they re evaluated and moved forward. Is that not what we want? We will not always get what we want but if they continue to listen we will win as a community.

  5. Frankie Dakin says:


    A true community is judged on how we take care of our own. Please watch this news story and do your part to help our high school chorale group out.


    As for my opinion on board matters, you can always call me at (901) 493-7839



    • DLS says:

      A true community is how they take care of their own. I was going to put up a separate post about the Millington Chorale, but since it is mentioned here in the comment section of this post that had already been viewed over 3000 times since Tuesday. I will say it here in this comment section.

      I talked with Mr. Murdock the day the news article came out in the CA. The Millington Chorale will be one of the recipients of the proceeds from Blues by the Lake event starting this year. Also, if any of the readers of this site can individually or is part of an organization/club please consider donating to the Millington Chorale to help them get to Carnegie Hall. I made a requesting The club I am associated with to donate $500.00 any amount is helpful. To find out what an honor it is for the Millington Choral to be invited to sing at Carnegie Hall please view the link provided by Alderman Frankie Dakin.

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