The reason Millington has a new majority Board of Aldermen is because “We the People”  DID NOT have a VOICE in the changing of OUR charter.   According
to item 13 on the February 4 agenda Resolution 9-2013 if approved by our new Board of  Mayor and Aldermen  (BMA)  OUR VOICE has been taken away again.   What would be the point of having a Charter Review Commission if the Aldermen Board passes Resolution 9-2013 to override Mayor Jones veto?  Mayor Jones was right to veto Resolution 6-2013 when it was proposed by the City Attorney Barbara Lapides at the January 7 BMA meeting.    Mrs. Lapides acted as an attorney/agent on behalf of Mr. Christie when she proposed Resolution 6-2013 last month and not as the attorney for the City of Millington.  Too many times I have witnessed Millington being on the short end of contracts.  Resolution 9-2013 is a golden parachute for Millington’s City Manager it also  strips a Charter Review Commission before it was created.   When the Board of Aldermen passed Resolution 6-2013 January 7, it reeked of how our old Charter was fast tracked to change our government in 28 days.  Passing that Resolution should not be made out of fear of what could or would result from a Charter Review Commission.

What was the purpose of a contract for our City Manager who agreed to the following in his contract quote:  Manager acknowledges that he serves at the pleasure of the Board as provided in the City’s Charter unquote:  It is unfortunate Mr. Christie had concerns about what may or may not happen with our City Charter.  The Board hired him on good faith that he will do a good job as Millington’s first City Manager, therefore, he should have good faith in a Charter Review Commission if and when one is formed.   I knew I would not be in town to attend the official meet and greet for Mr. Christie, therefore, I met with him prior to leaving town to welcome him to Millington.  I left that meeting with the same impression I had of him when he was interviewing for the job.  Mr. Christie definitely has the qualification for the position and I honestly think he is a fair person after meeting with him.  However, if Mr. Christie had a problem with what may possibly happen with a Charter Review Commission  he did not have to sign the contract, a contract that was catered to his specification?

The Sunshine Law had already been violated!  Political players are playing behind the scene and our majority freshmen Board are unwittingly being played as pawns.  Too many games are played here in Millington and Millington will NEVER get it right if “We the People” do not speak up.   Too many times our retired City Attorney had the City of Millington on the short of a contract and now there is Resolution 10-2013 to consider her as an interim City Attorney.   No one knows what a Charter Review Commission is going to proposed to change in our new charter.   Resolution 9-2013 to reconsider Resolution 6-2013 should not be on the table.   2013 is the start of a new form of government in Millington, with a City Manager and a new majority board doing business with a long time city attorney that retired in December 2012.   Why not hire a new interim City Attorney because there are many attorneys or law firms with municipal experience who would be more than happy to apply for the position?    Our tax dollars should not continue to go to an attorney who is not protecting our interest…Resolution 9-2013 IS NOT in the best interest of Millington.

Will our VOICE be silence again?  What the Board does with Resolution 9-2013 Monday, February 4 is an issue that will and should be remembered when it is time for re-elections in Millington. 

Finally, I understand the lawsuit has been dropped by Mr. Ferguson… let me officially welcome  Lucy residents who are readers of this site now that you are a part of the City of Millington…please get involved in Millington.    Also, let me acknowledge a positive change our City Manager Mr. Christie has done.   There is a new format on how the regular BMA meetings are conducted.  Public comments from citizens on general issues or on agenda items are now heard prior to the BMA discussing and voting on Ordinances or Resolutions.


12 Responses to We the People

  1. Guess Who? says:

    I thought it odd that the city Atorney, Barbara Lapides, would suggest things to the board that would benefit Mr. Christie’s contract. He alrady had a contract with everything he wanted in it! As legal counsel to Millington, I thought that she was suppose to look after the interest of her employer not the applicant. And guess what? The seven blind mice all without exception went along with her suggestions and voted its approval!! I was so hoping that this group would think of Millington first but that obviously is not the case.

  2. Kenny Kelly says:

    The residents of Lucy that are now citizens of Millington are not receiving the free disposal of trash at the Landfill as they were promised would begin immediately upon annexation.

    In order to prove you are a Millington resident you must show a copy of your Millington Water Bill to the landfill employee. Since the water in Lucy is provided by MLGW, we do not receive a Millington Water Bill.

    The landfill operators have been told by “Rodney” at public works to continue to charge Lucy residents for disposal until Millington provides garbage carts. Whom ever this Rodney is, he is wrong to encourage the landfill to deny us new Millington residents any services that are provided to the existing Millington residents.

    • doug says:

      Call public works. You should be able to just show a ID with address. I am sure this can get fixed.

    • oldmillington says:

      Kenny, Actually, one of the newly elected Alderman should get to the bottom of this for you. I would assume they would make the phone calls to the Public Works and find out who Rodney is and ensure the Public Works and the landfill are on the same page with the Lucy residents. I thought with the new form of government, the Alderman can call and ask questions of any Millington employee. nrmenmert

      • Kenny Kelly says:

        I sent an email to Rodney Stanback who is listed as the Director of Sanitation and am still waiting a reply. It doesn’t effect me directly since I have a card issued decades ago for free lifetime access to the landfill. But it does effect my neighbors.

        • DLS says:


          At last night meeting it was mentioned letters went out to Lucy residents. You are correct about Lucy residents should not be paying to use the landfill not that the residents are part of Millington.

      • DLS says:

        Old Millington,

        According to the Section 5.05 in the New Charter…The Aldermen shall deal with all city employees only through the City Manager, not directly, except for the purposes of obtaining information in order to fulfill their duties as Aldermen.

        IMO, the above section in the Charter can create a problem.

  3. Doug says:

    Great news about Lucy. Welcome.

  4. DLS says:


    The below link is an article that appears online in the CA that should answer your question.

    • Kenny Kelly says:

      Thanks for the above link. I guess I will have to subscribe to the Appeal since the Millington Star fails to keep us informed.

      I received my letter from the city manager and I found it interesting that he felt the need to inform us that Millington Cable and Millington Telephone service this area. I am pretty sure everyone in Lucy already knows this. We also already know that MLGW provides electric and gas services, yet he felt the need to also point that fact out.

      There is one sentence that mentions the landfill. The letter tells us to take our large branches there. It doesn’t mention that disposal is free or not.

      This letter indicates that water and sewer will be billed by Millington. We do not receive either of these services from Millington.

      Residents in the annexed area currently pay less for water than existing Millington residents and I hope that Millington doesn’t plan on charging us for water at the Millington Rate while we are still on Memphis water and pocketing the difference.

      I know this guy is new to the area, but he needs to get up to speed before he sends a four page letter that raises more questions than it answers.

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