The final decision from the Personnel Appeal Board hearing last night on the termination of Tammy Haley’s position is the Board.   However, there were statements made that should be of concern to the incoming Mayor and Board of Aldermen.  The Commercial Appeal article “City of Millington finance employee challenges firing” addressed one concern.

This post will update soon with highlights of statements from both sides…Post UDATED 12/13/12

To the employees who read this site, it is in your best interest to review your personnel file and get a copy of its contents.  From that point on it is wise to request a
copy of anything that is construed as a verbal or written reprimand.  It is also important that you write a statement on anything you are requested to sign if you have a rebuttal to the allegation against you.  Also, if you believe statements in your evaluation are adverse and unwarranted you need to file a grievance.  Stop thinking you have no recourse against unfairness.  It is time the Human Resource Director adheres to the law and stop being a participant with management against the employees.

Loudermill hearing was mentioned a lot during the PAB hearing; therefore, during a break at the hearing I asked Human Resource Director Jeanne Decker the following:

Question:  What is a Loudermill hearing

Answer:  She could not articulate what it was and she did not have a copy of it with her.  I told her I will Google it.

Question:  Did City employees know that such a hearing existed in Millington?

AnswerNo.  John Trusty knew of Loudermill hearings from his years as an employee with Shelby County and I discovered it is in the City of Millington’s Policy and Procedure handbook.

Baffled, I asked:  If that is so, you would think Loudermill hearings would be in the handbook given to employees.

Question:  Who requested to have a Loudermill hearing?

Answer:  John Trusty

Question:  Who presides over the Loudermill hearing in Millington?

Answer:  Myself, John Trusty and Mayor Carter, but Mayor Carter was not there because she was out of town.

I do not claim to be an attorney, however, if I was Tammy Haley I would move outside the realm of the City of Millington for a FAIR process.   It is ironic how the employees of the City of Millington never seen or heard of a Loudermill hearing until John Trusty brought it Jeanne Decker attention and used it to his advantage.   John Trusty intiated the complaint to terminate Tammy, requested the Loudermill hearing which he presided over and adjudicated against her.   John Trusty was the accuser, judge, jury and executioner…Something is seriously wrong with this picture.

Tammy probably believed she was before an impartial board, however, in my opinion two people on the PAB should have recused themselves from this hearing because one is a very close friend of Interm Mayor Carter and the other one is an elected Alderman.   McGhee said they were not a judicial branch, yet he reprimanded Tammy stating hearsay when she tried to establish her position on why she was target for termination.


The catch 22 in this process in terminating Tammy Haley is the Charter the City of Millington/John Trusty used Section 9.13 in the Charter justify terminating
Tammy Haley and Tammy Haley used Section 5.02 (a) in the Charterto justify how the Mayor was outside her realm in terminating her.   Here we go again, Interim Mayor Carter use the New Charter as cover when it is convenient and strengthens her position, however, the New Charter  is ignored when it benefits another
position.   This administration been picking and choosing from the new Charter since it became the City of Millington Constitution when Resolution 19-2012 passed unanimously May 07, 2012.

John Trusty is the Finance Director and he is not without blame.   Tammy Haley established during the hearing others are not punished when an accounting mistake is made and the City’s own witnessed testified she has made mistakes and that she has never been discipline.

John Trusty made an admission during the hearing that is of great concern and it should be to the incoming Mayor and Board of Aldermen.  He admitted to transferring funds from the Sewer fund to the Street Aid fund as a loan.  Are you kidding me!   Could this be why the Water and Sewer Board (WSB)  meeting was cancelled by Interim Mayor Carter and the WSB had not met once since Interim Mayor Carter was appointed?

The Water and Sewer Fund are stand alone accounts.   Why was a loan made from the Sewer fund to the Street Aid fund?   How many times a loan was made from the Sewer fund to another fund is the million dollar question?

The information that came out in sworn statements from this hearing justifies another hearing on how often transfers were made from the Sewer fund to another fund as a loan.




6 Responses to Stacking The Deck…Post Updated 12-13-12

  1. DLS says:

    Per an email alert from the City of Millington:

    The Special Called Meeting of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen scheduled for Friday, December 14, 2012 has been canceled

  2. whereisthejustice says:


    You may not be a lawyer; but, neither is Mr. McGhee. Ms. Haley’s statements about the Mayor were obviously being introduced to show that she was fired in retaliation for not breaking the tax laws. Humm…. I think this calls for an IRS investigation.

  3. Doug says:

    This appeals board is exactly why I have been saying that no elected official should be a voting member of any board in the city, it is ok to be a observer to be able to stay informed but they should have no vote. We must start thinking ahead, for some reason we do not do this. I have no knowledge of this situation but I strongly believe that if you have a vote you will eventually have a conflict of interest. Elected officials are there to serve the citizen.

    • Doug says:

      Let me clarify my above comments. I am not attacking anyone it is just my opinion that even if you do everything right if you are in a position that can have a conflict of interest perception is everything. In the military systems are in place to prevent this. It is not the best way to do business.

  4. city resident says:

    Something stinks with this whole picture with Tammy Haley(I tend to think she is telling it like it is). I sure hope the truth will come out. Too many fibbers in charge is my opinion.

  5. Millington Fan says:

    How many people have been threatened with their employment since Interim Mayor Carter took office? Why have we had so many resignations, terminations, and early retirements? Are we now following TAX Law? This had something to do with vehicles. Who has them and why?
    The Alderman really made a big mistake when they selected Interim Mayor Carter! And then they just turned their back and said their is nothing we can do? The Alderman really made a big mistake with the quick City Charter that has so many holes that you could pour water through it. Thank God that they are all about to be out of office with the exception of Mike C. and Chris F.! I am not sure they represent the best interests of the citizens with the lack of concerns that they have raised regarding this mess. Where are these two in solving problems? Where are their voices?

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