After looking at the agenda for what I hoped to be the last  MBA meeting this year, I thought it was going be a straight forward and uneventful evening.   That was wishful thinking.   Congratulations go to Lorrie Leach on her appointment as City Clerk for the remainder of this year.    Jones made a request to Carter by email to appointed Lorrie until the end of the year; it is only safe to assume he will appoint her as City Clerk when he is sworn in as Mayor in January.

The last twelve months has been like a speeding roller coaster and it is time for the roller coaster to slow down on major decisions.  At the meeting Monday night Millington’s Library Board President Sue Nan Hartley and the Director of the Library Brian Miller (who is an employee of LSSI) addressed the board requesting that the city cancel its contract with LSSI and the City take over the Library.  They wanted it done by Resolution because LSSI requires 180 days notice if the City wants to cancel its contract.   According to Sue Nan Hartley the Board had wanted to cancel LSSI contract for a while and Interim Mayor Linda Carter, Human Resource Director Jeanne Decker and Finance Director John Trusty came up with a proposal for the Library President to present to the board Monday evening.

It was evident Monday evening was the first time the Board heard of this when after much dialogue Aldermen Barger finally said, “We can start the conversation, but we do not want to end it without seeing the budget.”  Thank you Aldermen Barger!  There is no doubt in my mind that the Library Board has integrity and is dedicated in having a quality library in Millington.  However, what is being requested by the Library board at this eleventh hour is that an Interim Mayor and Board with a majority leaving less than thirty days to have a say in Millington’s FY2013-2014 budget if they approve by Resolution to cancel LSSI contract and take over the Millington Library (that is the creation of a new City department).   In my opinion it is unfortunate, the Library Board waited to the eleventh hour to make this request.  However, it is unfair to the new elected Mayor and Board of Aldermen/woman to have an outgoing administration to have their hands in the FY2013-2014 budget that the newly elected Mayor and Board will be responsible for.

A work session and a public hearing are scheduled for December 14, at 4:00pm.  Yes the same day the top two City Manager candidates are having their second interview from 8:00am to Noon.


It is not a work session and public hearing …it is a Special Called Meeting for the Board to VOTE on the proposal presented to them at Monday evening meeting.  This should be interesting!  It can go only one of two ways…

  1. The majority of the outgoing Board of Aldermen will have integrity and VOTE NO to NOT intefere with the FY2013-2014 budget and allow the new MBA take up the issue in Januray.
  2. The majority of the outgoing Board of Aldermen VOTE YES  as a slap in the face to the new incoming Board.

Finally, according to the Commercial Appeal Lawsuits halt Lucy annexation…AGAIN (click link to read)


13 Responses to December 3 MBA Meeting

  1. Doug says:

    I have read this article. I am all for individual rights but when one person can continue to be untruthful and cause others to spend tax dollars based on these untruths we have a problem. None of what is stated in reference to Millington schools is true. I would be glad to share the truth Mr Ferguson but I am sure you already know.

    • Kenny says:

      It is my understanding that numerous people who do not reside in Lucy were allowed to vote on the annexation referendum during the first couple of days of the early voting period. If this is true, it may have changed the outcome of the election. Millington used this same argument when they convinced a Judge to allow them to implement a sales tax increase.

      The Lucy annexation referendum passed by less than 20 votes. If voting irregularities did occur then Mr. Ferguson’s lawsuit has merit.

      • Doug says:

        If what you say is correct based on that argument you are right. My point is there is no truth to his statements in this article. Tell the truth is all I am saying.

  2. Frankie Dakin says:

    I agree that the current BMA needs to wait and make an educated decision (that includes the input of the community). After they do that, I have no problem with them moving forward. I agree that there are some concerns about them being a “lame duck” group. However, it is still their responsibility to make decisions, and time is of the essence with this one (but no need to rush). I have become familiar with the budget and believe it is reliable. I am looking for input on this though. Heres my blog entry about the Library situation:

    As always Debra, Thank you for your action and watch-dog mentality. You are truly valuable to this city and to holding its government accountable.

    • DLS says:

      Frankie I been around this dirty game of politics in Millington for a long time and this year is the worse I have seen the behind the scenes players in Millington. My watch dog mentality did not begin in Millington when it comes to government. I firmly believe in transparency in government and Linda Carter is damn good savvy player in this game of politics. Politics do not change it is the people who change, sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad. The difference between me and others, I am not afraid to call it as I see.

      You are double talking in your statement, “However, it is still their responsibility to make decisions, and time is of the essence with this one (but no need to rush).

      I assume you are talking about the library budget that you are familiar with because FY13-FY14 budget talk should not have begun with a lame duck Interim Mayor and Board. How is that, some current and elected Aldermen knew about the proposal budget and some did not? I clearly heard Aldermen Barger Monday night. In politics numbers can be manipulated to say what you want them to say when it is convenient.

      You will soon find out only a minority of the community gives input to the Board and the majority of the community express themselves after the decision. I happen to be in the minority.

      The issue is NOT about Millington controlling its own public library. The issue is the eleventh hour timing to rush and cancel a contract that all of sudden we can no longer live with after seven years. There is something wrong with the picture and caution should be taken. Millington’s Public Library will not falter if the City remains with LSSI for another year until ALL the facts are known. Also, an outgoing Interim Mayor and majority of the Aldermen Board SHOULD NOT by Resolution make a decision that affects Millington’s FY2013-FY2014 budget.

      The following is from our New Charter: The one that became effective May 05, 2012:

      SECTION 9.06. BUDGET ADOPTION AND AMENDMENTS. After the public hearing, the Board shall adopt by ordinance the budget, with such modification or amendments as the board deems advisable, for the ensuing year on or before the last day of the fiscal year currently ending. If it fails to adopt the budget by this date, the appropriations for the current fiscal year shall become the appropriations for the next fiscal year until the adoption of the new budget ordinance.

      Adoption or amendment of the budget shall be by ordinance and shall be passed upon three readings at regular, adjourned, or called meetings of the Board. Adoption of the budget shall constitute appropriations of the amounts specified therein as expenditures from the funds indicated.

      SECTION 9.07. EMERGENCY APPROPRIATIONS. Upon a declaration by vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the Board members present when there is a quorum that there exists an actual emergency threatening the health, property, or lives of the inhabitants of the City, the Board may make emergency appropriations in excess of estimated available funds by resolution. To the extent that there are no available un-appropriated revenues to meet such appropriations, the Board is authorized to borrow funds sufficient to meet an emergency by issuing evidence of obligations. Provision shall be made in the budget for the succeeding fiscal year for the payment of such obligations. A record of any such emergency expenditure shall be made and a report made to the Board as required by State law.

      Wanting to cancel LSSI contract and take control of Millington’s Public Library DOES NOT threaten the health, property or lives of the inhabitants of the City of Millington. Now explain to me how the current board can do what was proposed to the Board Monday night by Resolution at December 14 Special Called Meeting.

      • city resident says:

        You are absolutely correct! I am steamed over this development. I don’t trust this rush with the library until all the facts are known.

        There needs to be an investigation into Brian Miller and his job performance, which by all accounts are about a 2 on a scale of 1-10. Also I have heard rumours that Brian Miller has been fired as of a couple days ago by LSSI. Is that true? If so the City better table this until after the new aldermen get sworn in and allow some unbiased investigation to take place.

        Nan Hartley might need to take a deep breath and come off her high horse. In my opinion Nan has been protecting Miller for quite awhile and now especially if he was indeed fired. We might need some new board members for the Library while we are at it.

        • DLS says:

          Yes he was fired and it was not surprising that LSSI came in and fired Miller after he appeared before the MBA encouraging them to cancel his employer’s contract and afterwards talked to the press. Miller did not hold up his fiduciary responsibility to LSSI.

  3. Frankie Dakin says:

    New Development. Seems as if we now have 90 days to make a decision. I believe this provides ample time for the NEW board to make a decision.

    I welcome your input!

    Thanks Debra.

  4. Friend of the Library says:

    It is unfortunate that this web site is a rumor mill for some very serious business. All aldermen were attempted to be contacted and the proposed budget for the library is the same aside from saving money for more books, a new library, and terminating an outdated impotent service contract. Keith Barger spoke to Sue Nan Hartley after the meeting and admitted his phone is kept off the hook often becuase it rings so much…Interesting service approach to the public eh? Brian risked his career to stand with the City of Millington. Peace to all of you this Christmas season and upcoming new year.

    • DLS says:

      Friend of the Library,

      You are entitled to your opinion. I wish the same during the Holiday Season.

    • city resident says:

      You are entitled to your opinion. I am grateful that DLS has this board to alert us about important matters in our community.

      What I know is, there are people in Millington who have stopped using the Library because the excuses on requested books not coming into the system are ridiculous. I know this first hand and friends of mine can get those same books no problem with the other Libraries with LSSI. Whether Millington decides to go for its own library run system or not, and if Miller is part of the deal there better be some strict guidelines.

      The rush to push this through makes it all the more suspect. Hopefully the new board will do a thorough investigation in how to proceed.

    • doug says:

      Friend, I understand your plight as far as contacting and getting feedback from our aldermen. I have had the same issues over the past year or so. Only two respond Mike Carruthers all the time and Don Lowry on several other occasions. I hope the new board and Mayor Jones understand what the others did not. They work for us just because we elect them does not make them all knowing and dictators over us. I am notsaying they should always be yes men to us but they should hear us. They have a very tough job and I would not want to be the new board many tough challenges ahead.
      MERRY CHRISTMAS Millington.

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