The citizens of Millington had to adjust too many changes during the appointment of Interim Mayor Carter.  The election results suggested the citizens of Millington were not willing to accept the perception of an agenda.   Perception of hidden agendas out-weighs any good intentions.  The changing of Millington’s Charter was not received well by many because of how fast it happened.  Is our new Charter perfect?  No.  Should our elected officials pick and choose from our new Charter?  No. Are there some good aspects to our new Charter?  Yes, the removal of the Mayor or Aldermen who fails to attend 60% of the regular Mayor and Board of Aldermen meetings in a consecutively 12 month period.  In addition, citizens being able to file a petition to recall the Mayor or an Aldermen with due cause and (New Charter Section 4.12 and 4.13)

Interviews for Millington’s first City Manager position were held today.    My concern with the need of selecting a City Manager by January 01, 2013 was that our elected officials were rushing to hire a City Manager as they did when they rushed changing our entire form of government in 28 days.  Rushing can result in errors.    For example, Millington’s new Charter calls for the City’s Court Clerk to be elect.  (New Charter Section 11.11) Why did that not happen?   There was time to include the position of a Court Clerk on the ballot during this election period?

During November 5th regular Mayor and Board of Aldermen meeting, in my opinion, Ordiance 2012-25 was on the agenda to correct the oversight in not having the election of a Court Clerk (New Charter Section 11.11) on the ballot because there was a rush in concentrating on the City Manager’s position.  The City is in its right by Ordinance to change the Court Clerk election from every 4 years as stated in our new Charter to every eight years to coincide with the election of the Judge here in
Millington.  (New Charter Section 11.11) However, the million dollar question is… why was the elected position of the Court Clerk not put on the ballot this election year?
By doing so the city would have been in compliance with the new Charter, now we are not until two years from now.  We are using the new Charter as the reason to hurriedly select a City Manager, but ignore the new Charter that we did not use the same due diligence to elect a Court Clerk during this election year.

At the end of the day, the citizens have spoken and we have a new Mayor and Board of Aldermen/woman that will be sworn in sooner than later.   Change is not coming to Millington; change is here not only in our government, but also in our community.   With that said, after watching the committee who is our new Board of Aldermen/woman during the City Manager interviews.  I witnessed what it will be like at future Mayor and Board of Aldermen meetings.   I get the impression it will be nothing like the past.    My impression of our current re-elected and new elected Aldermen/women all showed due diligence and asked very good questions during the interview process for a City Manager. They also appeared eager, willing and ready to work for the City of Millington to bring confidence back to the city.

Out of the four candidates interviewed today the top two candidates are Thomas Christie, former city manager of Salem, Ill., and James “Jim” Coleman, a community recovery specialist with the Federal Emergency Management Agency are scheduled to come back for a second interview December 14 beginning at 8:00am (subject to change).  After sitting in and listening to all the candidates for City Manager, the committee selected the best top two for a second interview.   If one does meet their expectations after the second interview which is more in-depth, they will recommend to the current outgoing Board to make an employment offer.   However, if the top two candidates do not meet their expectations after the second interview they will start the process over to seek a City Manager.   The committee is mindful in protecting Millington’s interest during the contract phase hiring our City Manager because no one should come into a contract as our City Manager and expect the City to honor a possible two, three or four year contract without a compensation buy out package agreeable to the City Manager and the City of Millington.   Regardless, of who eventually will be Millington’s first City Manager, the newly elected Mayor (who was not on the committee) and Board must be the ones comfortable in who they select.  Although they have no authority until January 13, 2013, they rightfully should have been the committee formed because the process seeking a City Manager started before they were re-elected and elected.

In closing, I understand our newly elected Aldermen are in a learning phase.  However, it would greatly help you to be familiar with what is in our New Charter.   The
question one of the candidates asked was answered wronged by three Aldermen elected according to what is in our New Charter…mmm that was not good when the correct answer to a simple question should have been known.  I strongly suggest familiarizing yourself with the New Charter before answering a question in the future or do not answer at all and let someone who knows the answer the question especially if the question was not directed to you, but was directed to the whole body.


13 Responses to Selecting A City Manager

  1. Wyatt Earp says:

    I am not in favor of this rushed process and mistakes will happen. IMO the new city manager is going to walk in to a massive headache that has worsened in the last few months. This is a good city, lot of potential, but short on leadership from within itself. We might be better off with the new MBA and I hope so because the last few years have been like a bad sitcom.

  2. Doug says:

    Debra, for some reason I missed this on the city clerk. I thought I read that the mayor appointed just that one position. It is a new day in Millington.

  3. DLS says:


    It is the Court Clerk according to our Charter that is now an elected position. Rushing to push change and rushing to act against employees during the past several months has/is causing many problems for Millington.

    Hopefully, better days are coming :-)

    • Doug says:

      Sorry I did not read correctly. Not having a great day but as I said sun is up and will be again. They will.

  4. Millington Fan says:

    You are correct on every count! I would ask that they read the charter that says an appointed Mayor will be replaced the day the election is validated for the newly elected Mayor. They rushed into the new charter so fast, they don’t even know what it says. Should Terry Jones not be the new Mayor as of last week? It also states that the Alderman will appoint a person to serve as the city manager until once is selected. Who is that person and when was it done?

    • DLS says:

      Millington Fan,

      You are observant! When the legislatures in Nashville approved Millington’s New Charter April 27, 2012 and the Board of Aldermen approved it during May’s regular MBA meeting. The City of Millington has been under its new form of government. Linda Carter is the part-time Mayor and City Manager. A precedent has been set! The Old Charter became null and void in May. This City has been in violation of its New Charter in more ways than one and there are too many ambiguous sections in the New Charter that needs clarifying in the future.

  5. TrojanWatcher says:

    I was wondering if I am the only person that noticed that the two remaining candidates for the City Manager position, have a long list of former positions ?
    Why would the city hire someone that has a past record of jumping up and leaving for a new position in another State…. ? I’m a little confused, and I think we need to hire someone that has plans to stay put here in Millington and guide this city forward into the future that has compassion for the city and wants to raise his family here . We don’t need to hire someone with a Gypsy type resume that is going to come in here short term and take the money and run the next time a City Manager job becomes available at a better pay scale in another state. Maybe the first thing on the new Board Of Aldermen agenda needs to be restoring the old form of city Government back to the way it was. I would rather have someone that was born and raised here and cares about the community ( Not just the money ) that has a vested interest in Millington to run this city.
    Remember I said this : If they choose from either of these two guys… They will be here short term.. You guys will be going through this same process of finding another one all over again.
    I run a business, and my first question would be to the candidates… Why don’t you stay around in one place very long ? There has to be plenty of qualified candidates in the Mid-South area to choose from.
    To the new Aldermen…. Please find out why these two clowns don’t stay in one place very long ? I’m concerned about this… might want to do a little background check with past employers..

  6. Doug says:

    Look we all know we should have had a chance to vote on the charter change, I fought it as did many others. We also know it has been hit and miss as to which charter we have been using. We must now hope that our new elected officials do what is right and best for our city. I trust they will. As for hiring someone from Millington that may not be the best answer, it has not been much help recently. I contend that these are all important issues. One issue that many are not discussing is the future of our schools as our own, or do we want Memphis to control our schools and tax dollars. This fight is far from over.

    Good luck to our new leaders you have your hands full.

  7. Doug says:

    By the way have you seen what Mr. Ferguson is up to now. When will the untruths stop?

  8. trojanwatcher says:

    Doug, Depends on who you hire….
    Ed Haley, if I am correct, is the City manager in Arlington. Local guy, lifelong resident of this area, strong political ties on the State level…. Anybody consider reaching out to him… ?
    I would rather have him or someone like him, than a Kriner Cash type, hopping from city to city in search of a fatter paycheck… leaving each city behind him in ruins …!

    • Doug says:

      Points well taken,however Mr. Haley did not apply and he does not live in Millington,maybe he did not want to move. Who knows, I just hope that we can all work to make our city better. Lawsuits now growing and many other problems that must be dealt with. What we really need are more citizens to get involved not enough do.

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