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Millington City Hall


I like what Alderman elect Frankie Dakin is doing in trying to keep the public informed.  He has the process of the selection of the candidates for City Manager on his website here or click on the side bar link anytime to go to Alderman Dakin’s blog site.   There is no doubt in my mind that Alderman Dakin will do the best job he can to represent the citizens and the City of Millington.  However, the information that Alderman Dakin is providing on his site should have been provided on the
city’s website.  My concern for Alderman Dakin are the wolves in sheep’s clothing that will utilize his sight for their own selfish purposes.  I know because there have been wolves on Living in Millington.  My advice to Alderman Dakin is to keep up the good work and do not allow the comments and emails direct his actions because the blogosphere is a double edge sword.



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