Congratulations Mayor elected Terry Jones and welcome to our city Town of Lucy!

Terry Jones received 54 percent of the vote and Ken Uselton received 46 percent.

The Town of Lucy voted 52 percent in favored of being annexed by Millington and 48 percent against. The Kerrville area voted 83 percent against being annexed by
Millington and 17 percent in support.

Millington School Board members are:  Gregory Ritter Position 1, Christopher Grow Position 2, Louise Kennon Position 3, Charles Reed Position 4, Oscar Brown Position 5, Jason Dupree Position 6 and Anne M. Reed 7.

Regardless if you voted for Terry Jones or Ken Ulseton, Millington we need to work together to move our city forward.  With the completion of Veterans Parkway and
the future of I-69 and I-269 Millington is the choice for future economic growth and development in Shelby County.  That was evident when Shelby County Mayor Luttrell addressed the Board Monday night.

At November’s Regular Mayor and Board of Aldermen meeting there were 22 items on the agenda.  Aldermen Pike was a no show again.  The Board tabled the annexations items on the agenda, Alderman Lowery questioned the term limit of the appointment of B. Barber for the Planning Commission Board and there were many questions by the Aldermen on renewing the Inter-governmental agreement for ambulance services for almost thirty minutes.   According to Aldermen Lowery tabling the annexation item and questioning the term limit and the Inter-governmental agreement was out of consideration to the incoming new Mayor and new majority Aldermen Board starting January 2013.

There are tough decisions ahead and business of the city must continue.  With that said, Why wait until January 2013 to swear in the new Mayor and Board of Aldermen?  Why not swear in the new Mayor and Aldermen Board  at the December MBA meeting?  It is not like it cannot be done because Mayor Harvell did it when he did not seek re-election in 2004.  The other reasons why our newly elected officials needs to be in place are because of several personnel issues going on in the City of Millington; such as employees dropping like flies in the front office at City Hall, the search for a City Manager and the inflated Arts, Recreation and Parks Department doing questionable hiring again.


When it comes to our youth I am always 100% in support for a good cause.  The follow is the petition letter by the Millington Skate Board Project.  After you read the petion please click on the link that follows and sign the petition.  With the right kind of support MILLINGTON WE CAN get this project done by raising awareness, community donations and grants.  Thank You Alderman Dakin for bringing this to LIM attention.

Petition Letter

Millington Skate Park
Project is an organization that is working for a public skate park for our
community’s youth. We estimate that there are hundreds of kids in our town that
are passionate about skateboarding but have nowhere to do it safely. We feel
that this athletic drive should be supported by a safe, sanctioned place for
these kids to exercise, socialize, and develop skills that will be useful
throughout their lives. Our organization is dedicated to the process of making
that happen but we need your help.

By signing this petition, you will help bring us closer to
our goal of 1,000 signatures to show our community leaders the interest that
exists for a skate park. Many business and community leaders are on board as
well as hundreds of individuals. Our community is clearly excited and eager to
see this project succeed. You can be a part of that excitement by supporting
our youth simply by signing this petition.

If you have any queries regarding our organization in
regards to the project, please feel free to contact me at or

Thank you,

Millington Skate Park Project


6 Responses to Election 2012 and More…

  1. city employee says:

    i thought about the skate park when hodges was mayor,he came to the employee’s and ask for help on making millington bigger and community friendly,so i gave him numerous ideas and nothing was done,i think the youth of our community need more things to do in this town.

  2. Millington Fan says:

    I would say it is imperative that the leadership of the city changes hands as quickly and professionaly as possible. Interim Carter has done more damage to the morale of the city in the shortest period of time than anyone could imagine. She is not the elected mayor and the change should take place now that we have an elected mayor with experience. This will prevent additional employment threats to our city workers, and get rid of her power and control issues that have changed the image of this city.

    It is unfortunate that interim Carter threw her support behind Ken. This was perhaps the nail in the coffin for his campaign. It certainly did significant damage to the people that have supported her.

    Now let’s get some decent leadership into office and see if we can rectify the massive problems that the alderman and mayor have created since Richard left office. We need to rethink the charter, change Arts and Recreation, restore trust with the employees of Public Works, restore competence to the financial management of the city, re-think the leadership with the Chamber of Commerce/IDB and start respecting all citizens again.

    When the 4 selected Interim Carter, she promised to restore trust with the city employees, market the assests of the city, and tell the good news about the city of Millington. In the words of Ronald Reagan “Are we better off now than we were” 10 month ago in the city of Millington? The answer is no.

    Hopefully, Terry will get it done. And soon!

    • DLS says:

      Millington Fan,

      Some good news should be coming soon from the Chamber of Commerce/IDB. I disagree with re-thinking the leadership with the Chamber of Commerce/IDB. Charles Gullato is doing a great job as the Director unless you know something the rest of us do not.

      I am guilty of passing judgment on a former employee based on what my ears heard from others…could that be the case of your opinion about the Chamber of Commerce/IDB leadership?

      I pride myself on not judging a person based on what I hear, however, there is a first time for everything. Case and point… I learned a valuable lesson judging our former Marketing Manager when she first became a City employee and I owe her an apology. The City went from someone with Marketing/PR experience to someone without experience because of friendship with the Director of the Department. Anyone can post an event on Facebook and print out flyers. Our tax dollars are severely being wasted on the excessive management positions and now part-time positions in the newly created Arts, Recreation and Parks Department (ARP). The taxpayers should not be paying more people (who are not experience) to do the jobs that were efficiently done with less people without the titles and higher pay.

      The City of Millington must get its priorities straight starting with the ARP department. Mayor Jones and the new Board need to immediately address the inflated ARP Department ALL the recent personnel terminations, forced retirements and hiring during Interim Mayor Carter’s 10- month tenure! There should be a hiring freeze until Mayor Jones and the New Board are in office. The City will not fall apart from not filling vacant positions until the first of the year. However, it would be nice if Mayor Jones and the Board can start in December when the School Board members take office.

      The following is a public service announcement (PSA):

      Mayor Jones and new Board of Aldermen every employee hired during Interim Mayor Carter’s 10-month tenure are probationary employees (hint) and the 2013-2014 fiscal budget talk is coming soon…

  3. city employee says:

    well said,totally agree Millington fan,there has been more hiring and firing since carter took office than i’ve seen in the 5 years i have been an employee here,and since carter has been in office i’ve been ashamed to say i work for the city of millington because she took us down the crapper quickly.

  4. Wyatt Earp says:

    When this new admininstration begins, they need to remember that the last four years have been very hard on our police. There has to be some healing done over there and it seems like these employees have been pushed aside for everything else and forgotten about. There are a couple of people who were done wrong. A few changes should be made over there.

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