This blog was going to talk about Orgill Park and Ordinance 2011-07 before the raid took place Wednesday.  The agenda is now up on the city’s website and I wondered if Ordinance 2011-07 (Revise Grass Cutting) was going to have a second reading after the article Taking It Out Of Park  in the July 21 issue of the Millington Star.   Since there is a second reading and a public hearing at Monday night’s MBA meeting.  This blog will wait and see if one or more Aldermen discuss and ask the questions that need asking in reference to Ordinance 2011-07Municipal Codes Title 13

Here is a rerun of Ordinance 2011-07 discussion at the July 11, MBA meeting.


Quote “The study also proved large numbers of park goers come from other parts of Shelby County and Tipton County, while Millington taxpayers foot the bill.”  “We’re going to clean these lots up and charge the people for it.  If they don’t pay we’re putting on the tax roll.  Once we go in and clean it and cut it, every two weeks we’re going to go back and cut it again.” Unquote Millington Star Taking It Out of Park  

 REALLY!  Orgill Park was one of Millington’s most beautiful parks and surely, Millington residents visit parks that other tax payers are paying for.  The taxpayers in Millington are throwing money down the drain to give the USA Stadium a chance to thrive.  Why is this administration so quick to give up the best park Millington has?  Is the city of Millington now in the lawn service business?  SMH

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15 Responses to Edmund Orgill Park

  1. NR says:

    Maybe all the gas money we save on cutting grass out there can be poured down the drain at the stadium. Or maybe we can buy the police chief another new Tahoe? Wait, I know, we need to keep a bigger bucket of cash handy so we foot the bill to defend the potential criminal charges from the search warrants. I assume that the city attorney will be the first line of defense if any charges are brought forward. After all, we can’t possibly have anything like a nice park when we have a stadium to suck our money away.
    Let me spark another discussion. If we are giving the park back, funding a losing stadium, and have to replace the library, where do we start if we have no money? The answer does not include wasting thousands on a storm building study, holding money after the budget to build the room, or giving a park back because we can’t keep it clean.
    If we are that broke then why don’t we try to stop throwing money away. What happened to all the roads that were getting paved, all the air conditioners that needed repair, all rhe roof repairs???? It’s not going away. The Mayor and the Aldermen are another catastrophic success.

  2. MT says:

    We gave Orgill back to the County? What crap. A little ingenuity and vision could make that place a little more successful.

  3. Kevin says:

    NR – it’s obvious why there is no money and nothings getting fixed, replaced or repaired. Hell, just keep up with the news or talk to anybody and anybody can tell you where it went. Like i’ve said all along there is too much revenue coming into that town for it to be broke. All the stores, the tax rates for services NOT rendered, the traffic lights and speed van. Not to mention the reimbursement from FEMA for the flood damage.

    Now with the impending doom we have some insight as to where it all went. Just curious….is there any proof of the “studies” that were done for storm shelters, surrounding agencies pay, and whatever other studies were done? I can’t help but wonder now. As far as Orgill goes, I don’t get why you would want to give up a large public place that you could use to raise money for the community, etc and keep a baseball stadium that is rarely used. It’s used more for fairs and carnivals than it is ball games. Don’t get me wrong i’m all about baseball. If it was managed and utilized right then I can see it. But, maybe after this administration is gone the next one can come in and have enough vision to make something for Orgill and USA stadium to make Millington noteworthy again.

  4. NR says:

    Millington’s mayor and aldermen can’t manage an ant farm! Now I heard today that they’ve been discussing the annexation of the reserve area. These guys can’t manage a park! They can’t even handle what they have now so it makes no sense to bring in more to manage. I hope these guys never think about running for public office again. Try paying your employees what you tell them they’ll be paid and keep the workplace on level standards for a start.

  5. JohnQPublic says:

    Fox13 showed a interview with ald mike Carothers and he said he had faith in the alderman and then a big awkward pause like he was going to throw in hodges and thought better and then said he had faith in the directors. I’m sorry but it appears none of them have any integrity AND Carothers is best friends with Rasmussen. Come on really!?!

    I hate to tell all the alderman but I have no trust in any of them.

  6. SickAndTired says:

    Tonight the good ole boys locked arms and circled the wagons. Oh yea everyone is standing by Richard right up until the handcuffs get attached to his wrists, the indictments come down and the conviction comes. I’d bet Mike carruthers got a little talkin to after the above post by Johnqpublic.

    I’ll let DLS tell you about tonight – but I’ll just say for the record for those new to our meetings – we are not redneck idiots with a big orange cooler sitting out like some backwoods construction crew.

    BTW – I see Millington isn’t the only gambling hall you can drive up Hwy 51 to…. Sorry Covington – welcome to the party! Did gamblers anonymous hypnotize everyone against driving South to Tunica? Also for those of you keeping track of who was at the meeting tonight – the Transmission Doctor was in the house, along with most of the good ole boys. OHHHWWEEE – the tension and stares were soooo obvious tonight. I know the folks like me that grew up around here remember how this is done…. you stay quiet and polite about what goes on here in Millington and eventually you’ll get yours. Looks like the cards are falling fast!

    Quick message for T Roland – you did the right thing – don’t let them run you off or stop you from speaking up. You know what is right – remember all the BS your Dad had to deal with from Hodges. Don’t let Hodges bully you or anyone else – speak for those who are scared to speak. Doing the right thing is hard – but the pay offs upstairs are priceless. I heard the stupid so called crap they are saying – how stupid and childish.

    I remain Sick & Tired!

  7. Kevin says:

    I’m chompin at the bits to gind out what went down tonight. From what you’re saying it must have been good. I just hope he justice system will prevail and the city will be able to get rid of all of them in one fair swoop.

  8. SickAndTired says:

    @Kevin – Did you see the news? Hodges said – I haven’t been arrested – I haven’t been convicted so why would I step down? They will have to drag him out of that office kicking and screaming – thank God he left the door off the hinges so it will be easier to drag him out. Your favorite Chief was there tonight and it looks like him and the Mayor have fully made up – I’m telling you the love fest was sickening!

    Our new district attorney general amy wierch hasn’t been timid and hasn’t caved to the powers that be so MAYBE your (our) wish will be granted.

  9. Dazed and Confused says:

    Nothing to see here folks, move along…..

    I find it interesting that Alderman Carruthers was the only one that has interviewed with the press, and even he admitted he knew nothing beyond what was common knowledge in the local media – is he the only one with balls or the only one who isn’t scared? Curious to me.

    And – Was that the gist from the meeting?
    If they even mentioned the investigation I would be surprised. Did they?

  10. SickAndTired says:

    @Dazed – you know in Millington we don’t mention stuff like that in polite conversation or around outsiders. LOL – I’m waiting for DLS to tell yal what happened…. I personally think carothers rides the fence – he wants to be apart of the “club” but he’s an outsider. He campaigned like he would fit in with most of the comments on this blog but he can’t take that leap… like someone else pointed out he’s friends with rasmussen = drinking the koolaid. maybe he’s a good person I don’t know I only see him when he trying to be an alderman.

  11. Dazed and Confused says:

    SickAndTired, I think the raid started filling the tank, now we have to wait till it fills up and then wait out the wash, rinse, and spin cycles of this whole thing.

    Just my impression, and as always, your mileage may vary, read the fine print, and past results are no guarantee of future success, and so forth..

    Someone did mention Herenton and that whole mess above my post……

  12. TigerBlood says:

    I hate that Millington is in the news for this but if that is what it takes for things to start being fair for everyone and HONEST up in here well then so be it. I join Kevin – I can’t wait to hear what DLS has to say.

  13. Kevin says:

    Ok, so what happened?

  14. ps10312 says:

    What I would like to know is how did Brett Morgan get appointed the vacant Alderman seat??? What was the process?…and does anyone know him???

    • DLS says:

      PS10312, Go to the sidebar and click on the May Archive tab check the post titled “Video clips of Aldermen Appointment” The post will show you in living color how that appointment went.

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